In Round 6, Banyule Council will continue to support local businesses recovering from COVID-19  restrictions, enabling them to move online, increase their digital presence, implement innovative marketing initiatives and seek professional advice. These grants will also offer support for new businesses discovering opportunities in the changed environment. 

Grants Available 
The following two grants are available with a total funding pool of $120,000: 

Business Support Grants of up to $5,000  
Business Coaching and Development Grants of up to $2,500  

Applications are now open and will close 11:59PM Thursday 14 October 2021. Announcements will be made end of November.

Contact Us 
All applicants MUST contact a member of the Economic Development team (pictured below) before submitting their application to discuss their grant proposal. The officer will ensure that the grant idea meets the criteria before you commit to writing your application. 

Call us: phone
 9433 7763.  If you’d prefer to email:  

Grant Writing Workshop

Grant Writing Workshops with grant expert Debby Maziarz will be held over the Zoom platform.  These workshops are designed to provide practical, useful and transferable information about how to approach grant writing. You can register your attendance to one of the workshops below: 

Tuesday 21 Sept 5pm-7pm   

Wednesday 23 Sept 10am – 12pm  

To book:   

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications open  

Monday 6 Sep 2021 (from 9am)   

Free Grant Writing workshop (via Zoom)  

Tuesday 21 Sep 5pm-7pm   

Wednesday 23 Sep10am – 12pm  

To book: 

Applications close  

Thursday 14 October 2021 (11:59pm)  

Assessment period  

Friday 15 October to mid November  

Outcomes announced  

End November  

Project completion (acquittal) 

Tuesday 1 June 2022  

Information Session/Grant Writing Workshop: Monday 20 September 2021 (5pm-7pm)

Register at

Business Support Grants of up to $5,000 

Business Support Grants  

Grants of up to $5,000 are available.  

Banyule Council welcomes proposals from existing businesses that: 

  • assists them with moving online to sell products and/or services  
  • opens them to new markets  
  • increases brand awareness for business through  
  • innovative marketing initiatives that   
    address COVID-19 impacts.  

Examples of costs that Council will consider are: 

  • website design and development  
  • e-commerce platforms  
  • digital marketing and promotion  
  • purchasing of hardware and software  
  • cost of new packaging  
  • cost of online learning or mentoring to develop e-commerce skills  
  • online content development (web pages, mobile apps, audio and visual media)  
  • purchasing of relevant equipment and shop fit-outs  
  • branding development and implementation  
  • audio or visual media  

Banyule Council welcomes proposals from new businesses to assist them to establish in Banyule. 

Examples of costs that Council will consider are:  

  • brand development and marketing  
  • website design and development  
  • purchasing of hardware and software  
  • cost of equipment and packaging  
  • audio or visual media  

Business Coaching and Development Grants of up to $2,500 

Grants to encourage business growth and resilience through coaching, training and development  

Costs associated with:  

  • Mentoring/coaching  
  • Business and strategic planning  
  • Marketing strategy development (i.e. branding strategies, social media/digital strategies, market research)  
  • Training and development courses/workshops  
  • Improvements to existing car parks e.g. resurfacing, drainage, roll over curb etc.
  • Improvements to pedestrian access ways.
  • Landscaping.
  • Construction/ improvements to retaining walls.
  • Feature walls (mural, garden walls etc.) and other building facade improvements
  • Establishment or improvement of street-facing outdoor dining areas , e.g. shade structures, resurfacing, crash barriers.
  • CCTV.
  • Plumbed access to water to install drinking taps.

There are two changes to the eligibility criteria in Round 6.


  1. Medium sized enterprises, defined as having less than 199 employees will be eligible to apply in this round.
  1. Past recipients of a minor grants i.e a Coaching and Development Grant (up to $2,500) or a Business Continuity Grant (up to $1,000) are eligible to apply for a Business Support Grant but the sum of both amounts must not exceed $5,000. For example, if you received a Business Continuity Grant of $850, you may apply for a Business Support Grant but the  amount requested must not exceed $4,150.

Business Support Grant recipients are not eligible to apply for a Business Support Grant or a Coaching and Development Grant in Round 6. They may be eligible for a Place Enhancement Grant. Read more about Place Enhancement Grants here. 

No. Grant recipients must have acquitted a past COVID-19 business grant to be eligible to apply.

  1. Read the COVID-19 Business Grants Guidelines – Round 6 to ensure you are eligible.  
  2. Come up with a project idea in line with the criteria set out in the guidelines.  
  3. Contact an Economic Development Officer to discuss your project idea. To call us: phone 9433 7763. If you’d prefer to email: applicants who have discussed their request for funding will be eligible to apply. 
  4. Complete your application on SmartyGrants attaching your quote/s. 
  5. Submit your application. 

Applications are now open and will close 11:59PM Thursday 14 October 2021

In this grant round businesses can only apply for one of the grants on offer. Unsuccessful applicants can reapply in future funding rounds. Eligible businesses can apply online at Smarty Grants.   

Applicants will be notified towards the end of November 2021 

Funding will not be provided for:  

  • Expenses that are considered ongoing costs to run the business such as rent, utilities and routine maintenance.  
  • Wages. 
  • The purchase of buildings or property extensions. 
  • Personal expenses such as mobile phones (iPhones, Samsungs etc). 
  • Servicing creditors or personal debts. 
  • Annual business tax and routine accounting services. 
  • Retrospective funding for products/services  
  • a  Project  Plan that describes resourcing, timelines, budget and evaluation. You may use your own format or download the Project Plan template here and attach it once completed. 
  • A quote for each item in your project 
  • For existing businesses prior to 23 March 2020: financial documents demonstrating financial impacts of COVID-19 on the business ie. Profit Loss Statement. 
  • For new businesses operating post 23 March 2020: financial documents demonstrating financial viability ie. cash flow summary, balance sheet 
  • A quote for the services to be provided by your chosen qualified consultant 
  • For existing businesses prior to 23 March 20202: financial documents demonstrating financial impacts of COVID-19 on the business ie Profit Loss Statement. 
  • For new businesses operating post 23 March 2020: financial documents demonstrating financial viability ie cash flow summary, balance sheet 

The aims of the session are to:  

  • provide practical, useful and transferable information about how to approach grant writing, 
  • Encourage you to explore project ideas and clarify point of difference
  • Provide practical, useful and transferable information about building budgets for grant applications.

Workshops with grant expert Debby Maziarz will be held over the Zoom platform. You can register your attendance to one of the workshops below: 

Tuesday 21 Sept 5pm-7pm   

Wednesday 23 Sept 10am – 12pm  

To book:   

No, you don’t need to participate in a workshop to submit a grant application.  

The workshop is designed for applicants who would like to learn how to write effective grant applications and help their applications stand out from the rest. 

This training is particularly aimed for those completing a Business Support grant application however all applicants are welcomed to participate. Learnings can be applied to other State and Federal government grant opportunities.  

Yes you can. Get in touch with an Economic Development Officer who can email you a copy of the recording following a session. 

Yes! You can submit a video as part of your grant application. We enlisted the help of local film experts, Nourishing Media in Greensborough to give you some tips on creating a video.
Watch it now.

To encourage accessibility and innovation is the option of uploading a video or audio  file to respond to questions in Criteria 1.  Applicants can therefore choose to either complete a traditional written response to Criteria 1 or select to upload a video or audio file (such as an mp4 file) or copy a link (ie YouTube or Google Drive) in their application form. 

How do I upload a video? 

Using YouTube to obtain a link.  

Note you can upload a video to YouTube and alter the settings so that it will only be visible to those with a link.  

First you must create a YouTube Channel if you don’t already have one.  

Read these simple instructions to create your YouTube Channel here 

Once you have created your channel: 

  • Open your YouTube Channel account 
  • Click on content in the menu to the left of the screen 
  • Click on upload videos 
  • Click on select files or drag and drop your saved video file 
  • Update the audience  
  • Click Next 
  • Click Next 
  • Make your video visible to those with a link by checking the Unlisted box 
  • Click Save 
  • Copy the video link 
  • Paste into your Smarty Grants Application

To view all the file formats you can upload into your application, click on this link. 

The Economic Development Team want each applicant to submit the best application they can. As such we have documented below some common reasons why people and unsuccessful and suggestions to improve your chances of success. 

  1. Applicant fails to contact the Economic Development Team to discuss their project idea.
    This is a requirement of each grant and if you have been unsuccessful applicant in a previous round you are still required to contact the Economic Development Team to discuss your project prior to submitting your Round 4 application. By contacting the Economic Development Team, we can review your previous application and provide guidance on where you scored lowly and suggest ways to improve your application.


  2. The application lacks sufficient detail to demonstrate to the Advisory Panel what you are seeking grant funding for and how it meets the grant criteria.

Your grant application needs to illustrate to the Panel the assistance your seeking, how it meets the grant criteria and the benefits of funding your application over another business. You need to clearly outline: 

  • What your equipment/services you are seeking the grant funding for and why they are needed 
  • How your project will assist you to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 
  • Your project objectives and how you measure them 

For example, if you are seeking grant funding for SEO services to improve your website’s visibility on search engines: 

Project Objective 

Measure of Success 

Increase websites visitation  

Website visits will increase by 10% on each month 

Have someone else read your application prior to submitting the application to ensure it is clear on what you asking Council funding for and that it is aligns as strongly as possible with the grant criteria.

  1. The applicant does not provide the requested documentation.

As part of the grant application you MUST provide the below supporting documentation. Failure to provide these documents may result in your application being deemed incomplete and ineligible or scoring lowly with the Panel.  

Grant Type 

Required documentation 

Hints and suggestions 


Evidence that your established business has experienced significant decline in turnover compare to the same three month period in 2019 

  1. Profit and loss statements for a comparable period pre and post COVID 


  1. BAS statements for a comparable period pre and post COVID  


  1. Income vs Expenditure report for the period pre and post COVID 


Evidence that your new business is financially viable. 

Cash flow summary or projection. Information on how to complete a cash flow summary and a free template can be found on the Australian Business website here.  


Reputable quotes are required to evidence the cost of each budgeted item. Quotes must be no older than 6 months old and should include: 

  • Supplier’s business name 
  • Description of item 
  • Costings 

Screen shots from online stores and scanned images from catalogues must include the supplier’s business name. 

Procuring services from suppliers based within Banyule or Melbourne’s North will score highest with the Panel.  


If you are unable to obtain a required service/product within in Banyule or Melbourne’s north provide an explanation in your application as to why. 


For further information please refer to the Round 6 Guidelines 


Check out Rediscover local(add link, as well as the Banyule Business socials if you are having difficulty in locating local suppliers. 


Business Support Grant 

Project plan detailing: 

  • the major tasks 
    including any evaluation or periodic review tasks 
  • the task end date 
  • the responsible person  
  • any additional guidance to explain the task or if it is dependent upon the completion of another task or has dependencies  

The project plan should clearly demonstrate how you will as the project manager, will manage the project. It illustrates to the Panel that you have clearly thought out the project and all elements required to achieve our outcomes. 


R6 Project Plan Template 2021

 4.  A budget that doesn’t make sense or does not match supporting quotes. 

Your budget should be itemised and each product or service you are seeking grant funding for must be listed. The Panel should be able to match each budget item to the preferred quote. If your total project budget is greater than the grant amount demonstrate how the shortfall will be funded. An example of a completed budget is below:


$ Amount


$ Amount

Banyule Grant


Podcast microphones


Own contribution


Website development




social media boost posts





If you need to obtain a product or service from an international supplier and the quote is not in AUD you need to state the foreign exchange rate used to calculated your AUD costings.

  1. Applying for services or products that have already been received/completed and paid.

The grant cannot be used to retrospectively fund the purchase of equipment or services rendered. If your project has already commenced, you will need to demonstrate that you are implementing it in a phases and that the phase for which you are requesting funding support has not commenced, and the suppliers have not been paid for services/equipment requested.

Support and Assistance

Banyule City Council is committed to our grants process being open and accessible to everyone.  

Businesses are encouraged to contact a Council Officer to discuss any specific needs or additional support that may be required to complete and submit a grant application. Email and an Officer will call you.

For a hard copy of the Guidelines or Smarty Grants Application or large print copies, contact 

For an Auslan interpreter should you need to discuss these Guidelines contact 

For assistance if you are deaf, hearing-impaired or speech-impaired contact us through the National Relay Service on 133 677. 

For translation services please contact TIS National on 131 450 and ask to be connected to Banyule City Council on 9490 4222.

For technical support refer to the Help Guide or contact the SmartyGrants support desk 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 03 9320 6888 or by email

Top 5 Tips to a Great Application

Unfortunately, we are not able to fund all grant applications and as such the highest scoring applications will receive full or partial funding. To give yourself the best possible chance of success: 

  1. Start the application process as early possible and give yourself sufficient time to collate the required information and write a compelling application. Double check that you have provided all of the required documentation before submitting your application.  

  2. Attend the free grant writing workshop. If you are unable to obtain a ticket or cannot make the session email for a copy of the recorded session. 

  3. Include market research to demonstrate the need of your project, illustrate your target market and viability of your project.  

  4. Contact the Economic Development Team via email if unsure of your eligibility or an application question,  Seek guidance on how the grant is acquitted and evaluated. 

  5. Consider applying for the smaller grant. The application requirements for the Business Coaching and Development grants are less than the Business Support Grant. If you do not have the time to complete a Business Support Grant application to your highest quality, consider whether a Coaching and Development grant can be utilised by your business instead.