Looking after yourself is looking after your business

Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

Wellbeing and Mental Health Support is available for free for all  Victorian small businesses through Partners in Wellbeing.  Receive one-to-one support to improve your wellbeing if you’re worried about your business, as well as free access to business advisers and financial counsellors. Telephone hotline 1300 375 330 (9am to 10pm weekdays). Find out more

Wellbeing Webinars 

Together with AccessEAP we invite you to view recorded webinars that support your mental health. Viewed in your own time, the webinars tackle stress awareness, common mental health issues, tips to look after yourself and where to access further support.
The suite of webinars includes:

Mental Health Awareness

Webinar Overview

  • What is mental health? 
  • Common mental health issues 
  • What prevents people from seeking help 
  • Supporting an employee with mental health issues 
  • Practical tips for having a conversation: CARE  
  • Where to access further support 

Men's Wellbeing In Focus

Webinar Overview

  • Stress awareness
  • Mental health and men
  • The “Macho” factor
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Tips to look after yourself

Women's Wellbeing In Focus

Webinar Overview

  • What is wellbeing?
  • Women and their bodies
  • The juggle
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Tips to look after yourself
  • Where to go for further support