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Heidelberg West Business Park Masterplan

Share your thoughts to help shape the future of Banyule’s most important industrial estate

View the Heidelberg West Business Park Masterplan Here

The Heidelberg West Business Park (HWBP) is a 96 hectare industrial zoned  precinct located on the doorstep of La Trobe University. It makes a significant economic contribution to Banyule with manufacturing, construction, automotive and wholesaling enterprises having a strong presence in the park.

Home to almost 700 businesses that employ over 4,800 people, this equates to 10% of all jobs located within Banyule City Council. There is potential for HWBP to become an even greater magnet for investment and employment as it evolves into a centre known for its innovation, sustainability, accessibility and amenity.


To help guide development and growth, the Draft HWBP Masterplan takes a holistic approach. It provides key directions across multiple themes to unlock the HWBP’s full potential while also helping Council to achieve its strategic goals and staging of its capital works and upgrades in coordinated manner. The purpose of the HWBP Masterplan is to:

  1. Establish an exciting overarching vision that will redefine the precinct as a key attractor within the La Trobe NEIC.
  2. Provide a framework for development identifying key precincts, preferred land use, built form, transport, public realm and sustainability outcomes.
  3. Identify key projects and future capital works required to catalyse change and guide investment.

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Feedback and responses will be open until Tuesday 30 July.