Local economic prospects are good, with solid competitive strengths including:

  • Significant established businesses;
  • A diverse range of operators and industries;
  • Vibrant activity centres;
  • A strong entrepreneurial culture; and
  • Established regional links.

Banyule has well-developed transport links, parklands, vibrant retail centres and dining experiences, heritage and cultural attractions, world class health and educational facilities and diverse recreational and sporting facilities. All of these factors, coupled with Council’s pro-business focus, make Banyule a great place to do business.

Renew Banyule

Banyule City Council are currently undertaking a feasibility study with social enterprise Renew Australia to assess interest in a potential project.

On behalf of Council, Renew will be conducting surveys with social enterprises;
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander enterprises; small businesses owned or operated by a young person, newly arrived, or person with disability; and creative enterprises.

This survey will gauge interest in the opportunity to inhabit empty spaces within Eaglemont Village and Bell Street Mall on a temporary basis as part of a potential project to activate these areas.

Renew will also be reviewing commercial property vacancies and activation strategies in Eaglemont Village and Bell Street Mall and conducting surveys and interviews with property owners and agents who own or manage a space in these precincts.

Through this process, we will be looking to understand potential tenant’s interest in being part of this project, the types of businesses interested, and to learn about the challenges and opportunities in starting or growing a business in Eaglemont Village or Bell Street Mall. 

If you currently run, or are starting a social enterprise; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enterprise; small business owned or operated by a young person, a person with a disability or a newly arrived person; or creative enterprise, please complete the Renew Banyule survey. 

If you would like to talk to someone further about this opportunity, please contact Renew Australia on 9982 0785 or space@renewaustralia.org

Benefits for potential tenants:

One of the biggest barriers for social enterprises, small businesses and creative enterprises is the opportunity for physical space to trial an idea and the cost of securing a long term lease. If a Renew Banyule project were to go ahead, the benefits for potential tenants include:

  • The opportunity to trial an idea with minimal overhead (set-up/equipment costs & utilities)
  • The chance to test out a new customer area (Heidelberg West) without long term commitment
  • Capacity building for potential participants/tenants
  • Supporting the broader revitalisation of the area to ultimately create an improved sense of place
  • Engaging community
  • Participants are on a 30-day rolling rent-free license agreement

About Renew Australia:

Renew Australia is a national social enterprise designed to catalyse community renewal, economic development, the arts and creative industries across Australia. They work with communities and property owners to take otherwise empty shops, offices, commercial and public buildings and make them available to incubate short term use by artists, creative projects and community initiatives. Renew Australia strives to enliven and activate streets, precincts or towns that are struggling or in a period of change by taking otherwise empty shops and offices and incubating creative initiatives in them whilst creating opportunities for creative and start-up businesses, not for profits and social enterprises to trial an idea with little to no overhead.

Renew Australia offer free rent studio and retail space on a 30 day rolling licence to give enterprises an opportunity to trial an idea with minimal overheads while driving activity in otherwise empty spaces. Find out more: https://www.renewaustralia.org/

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