HSB Connect project: Heidelberg West Industrial Estate

– bringing affordable and faster high speed broadband to your business

About the project

A new Banyule City Council project aims to help Heidelberg West Industrial Estate businesses to access affordable high speed broadband by connecting to fibre optic cabling direct to the premises.
The project is in response to concerns expressed in a recent Banyule City Council survey, which found that local businesses are disadvantaged by slow and unreliable internet and the prohibitive individual cost of installing high speed broadband.
The aim of this project is to see if there are enough businesses interested in banding together to attract a carrier who will construct fibre-to-the-premises infrastructure to each business. It is widely agreed that this is the fastest, most future-proof technology available today.

Benefits of high speed broadband to your business
· Significantly faster upload and download speeds
· Increased reliability
· Live chat and video calls
· E-commerce opportunities
· Cloud services

How the project will work

Stage 1:
Fill in a short no-obligation survey: this will let us know that you are interested and inform us about your current and future broadband needs, so that we can source an appropriate carrier. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Complete the online survey. Council will also be visiting businesses and conducting some surveys in person.

Stage 2:
Speak to the Project Officer (Hayley – see details below) and confirm interest: Council needs 100 businesses/property owners to sign up to make the project viable. If we get sufficient response from businesses we will move to Stages 3, 4 and 5 of the project.

Stage 3:
Council goes to competitive tender: to find a provider that meets all requirements.

Stage 4:
Businesses/property owners pay set-up fees: approximately $600 – $700 per premises and sign the service provision contract with the selected telecommunications provider who is servicing the area (details to be provided at a later date).

Stage 5:
Construction of the network begins: anticipated to start in late 2017.


To participate in this program, businesses/property owners must be based at the Heidelberg West Industrial Estate. Residential premises are ineligible to receive the service.

For more information contact:
Hayley Rosenboom
Economic Development Project Officer
T: 9457 9813
E: hayley.rosenboom@banyule.vic.gov.au
(Mondays and Fridays only: 9am – 4.00pm)
*Terms and conditions apply, go to www.banyulebusiness.com.au/hsb for more information.