Supporting and Developing a Vibrant Precinct – Published May 2017

The Heidelberg West industrial estate is located on the western side of the City of Banyule, just south of the La Trobe University within the Olympia Ward. The estate is home to approximately 600 businesses, supporting a large workforce and providing a number of jobs for local residents.

During March 2016, Council’s Economic Development Unit surveyed businesses in the Heidelberg West industrial estate to understand businesses priorities, issues and constraints. This piece of work has been vital in informing the VPA (Victorian Planning Authority), who guides the growth in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The Heidelberg West industrial estate is located in the La Trobe National Employment Cluster (NEC), one of the six NECs as identified by the Victorian Government’s Plan Melbourne document. During 2016, the VPA consulted with the community living and working within the La Trobe NEC to test preliminary ideas and help formulate lands use, development and infrastructure planning for the area.

Throughout 2017, the VPA and Council will work together to develop a framework to guide long term future development and identify crucial transport and community infrastructure required to support the evolution of the Heidelberg West industrial estate into a modern business environment.

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