Key Information

  • 630 business owners
  • Employs 4800 people
  • Generated $663 million in Gross Regional Product (GRP)
  • Spread over 97 hectares

The Heidelberg West Business Park (HWBP) is Banyule’s largest industrial hub, hosting approximately 600 businesses that employ over 4500 people. The precinct accounts for approximately 10% of all jobs in the municipality.

Positioned between the Austin Hospital and La Trobe University, the estate has evolved to accommodate a diverse range of industry and business. Whilst it continues to provide manufacturing and warehouse in a traditional industrial form, it is evolving to provide higher technology production and service and has the potential to become an even greater magnet for investment, jobs services and business.

With Council support, the HWBP recently established a traders association to provide marketing, advocacy, placemaking and business support for the businesses located within the precinct. Led by a voluntary committee, the association now has over 100 members.

The precinct boasts low vacancy rates and its proximity to Melbourne’s CBD makes it an attractive place to do business.

The site is spread over 97 hectares with boundaries – Sheehans Road to the West, Crissane and Northen Road to the North, Bamfield Road to the East and Dougharty Road to the South.

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Heidelberg West Contact
Lucie Skaife
Phone: 0492 826 963
Address: P.O. Box 34, Heidelberg West VIC 3081