Strategic Planning Unit

The Strategic Planning Unit initiates and facilitates strategic place-based planning by working proactively and creatively to achieve integrated social, economic and environmental outcomes for the community. This includes the development and…

Local Laws Unit

Municipal Laws is responsible for enforcing a wide range of Local Laws and Legislation which includes State Acts and Regulations. They are happy to provide advice and information to assist businesses…

Health Services Unit

The Health Services team aims to promote and maintain high standards of public health and wellbeing. Our Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) conduct a range of activities with businesses within the…

Development Planning Unit

Development Approvals Before you start a new business, construct a new building, change the way land or buildings are used or add signage you may need to apply for a…

Banyule City Council

Banyule City Councils main website with further information regarding key Council services listed above as well as the latest news and events.

Council Regulations and Requirements

There are several Council areas that you may need to contact with when starting your business, to ensure that your business is compliant with local regulations.

Community Development Unit

MetroAccess Community Building Initiative is a partnership between the Victorian Department of Human Services and Local Government. The aim of MetroAccess is to build the capacity of local communities across…

Building Unit

The Building Unit issues Building Permits and provides advice regarding fire, safety and structural standards as well as essential maintenance requirements when building, demolishing or renovating your business/place of work.

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