Business Emergencies – Be Prepared

Can Your Business Afford an Emergency?

Emergencies can affect anyone including your business.
Emergencies can lead to injury, loss of income or even the loss of life.
So it is best to be prepared.
You should have a business emergency plan so you know what to do.
It can be simple, but it needs to be:

  1. written down,
  2. copied so you have one at home and one at work, and
  3. understood by your staff so they know what to do

Here are some things to think about when writing your plan:

  1. Emergency contact numbers
  2. What type of emergencies could affect your business?
  • Bushfires
  • Building fires
  • Heatwaves
  • Power Failures
  • Data Loss
  • Floods
  • Severe Storms
  • Illness
  • Crime
  1. What does your insurance cover (for example: flood, fire, burglary)
  2. An up to date list with staff and supplier contact numbers

And remember every business should have a basic emergency kit.
Remember to practise your plan, talk to your staff and be prepared.
For more resources and information visit the Emergency Resource Portal.

Source: SES Business Emergency Preparedness