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Businesses of Banyule’ presents Lovitt Technologies Australia, Montmorency

Kids love to dream about their future. As a parent, your wish is to see them happy, healthy and fulfilled in their chosen vocation. As a boy, Marcus Ramsay dreamed about building aeroplanes.

As a young teenager, Marcus and his brother Bruce would assist their dad, Michael Ramsay, mowing the lawn at his manufacturing business on Para Road in Montmorency.

A few years later, he and his brother worked in their father’s factory on a part-time basis during the school holidays, with the hope that one day they’d permanently join him in running the business.

In 1980, Michael Ramsay, General Manager of Lovitt Technologies Australia decided to purchase the aerospace manufacturing company, along with a business partner. Now at age 79, Michael spends his time as Chairman, with both his sons holding substantial roles within the business.

“The three of us work very well together. We all have different strengths,” said Michael’s son, Marcus. “I’m the Managing Director and my brother is the Manufacturing Director.”

“Dad is still a great contributor to the business. He’s a very personable individual. Everybody loves him,” explained Marcus. “He always wears a suit and brings his briefcase every time he comes in. He’s been doing this since the seventies.”

Marcus attributes a lot of the company’s accomplishments to his father.

“Dad has always played an instrumental role in our business’ success. He has taught me so much. He’s been a great mentor who has always encouraged us to achieve our dreams.”

This doesn’t come as a surprise as more recently, Marcus’ dream became a reality when Lovitt Technologies assisted in the construction of the latest Boeing 787 aeroplanes.

“Manufacturing parts for the Boeing 787 is definitely one of our biggest projects to date as they’re such big passenger jets.”

“Another substantial project is our contract with Lockheed Martin on the F35 Joint Strike Fighter, an American aerospace defense company,” proudly explained Marcus. “The size of these jobs have not only displayed the trust these global companies have in us, but they’ve allowed us to expand.”

Lovitt Technologies Australia currently have 80 full-time staff on their books at the Montmorency facility. Since Marcus officially took over as Managing Director in 2010, his team has increased significantly.

“The leadership team and I are very proud to have a very low staff turnover,” said Marcus. “Each Christmas we take a big group photo. Year on year there’s more people in the image which is great to see.”

“One significant advantage in having our factory in Montmorency is that we’re not a part of a huge industrial zone. Instead we’re situated close to many of our employees’ family homes.”

Marcus’ clients are mostly based in the United States. So he and Bruce will often take turns, along with their leadership staff in running meetings and other errands overseas.

“Every month Bruce and I head over to the U.S. We take turns. However, we often send our program managers overseas as well.”

“We try to avoid sending the person in the suit and tie. We rather send our on-the-ground managers, as they understand our service offerings better than anybody else. We know they’ll rise up to the occasion and shine.”

“Knowledge is power. It permeates the things we do.”

If you’d like to know more about this world-leading manufacturer for commercial and military aerospace businesses, simply visit their website.