• Working from Home

    A home-based business can be: the base for a business, such as a tradesperson working out of their home base and onsite at the client's premises the place of business,...
  • Taxation

    Australian Taxation Office All the latest Australian Business Taxation information in one place.
  • Banyule Business Guide

    The Banyule Business Guide  provides information and support for businesses, including a starting your business checklist, demographic information, training and business development and business networking opportunities.  
  • Strategic Planning Unit

    The Strategic Planning Unit initiates and facilitates strategic place-based planning by working proactively and creatively to achieve integrated social, economic and environmental outcomes for the community. This includes the development and...
  • Small Business Commissioner

    First point for independent guidance on business disputes for businesses located in Victoria. The Victorian Small Business Commissioner provides quick, effective, neutral and low cost mediation services.
  • Small Business Advice

    Small Business Victoria A whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and running your business. We provide a free monthly small business advisory service to assist you in taking the first...
  • Local Government tender opportunities

    e-procurement Banyule City Council purchases a range of goods and services from business of all sizes. If you're aware of the opportunities, and understand how to sell to government, your business...
  • Local Laws Unit

    Municipal Laws is responsible for enforcing a wide range of Local Laws and Legislation which includes State Acts and Regulations. They are happy to provide advice and information to assist businesses...
  • Health Services Unit

    The Health Services team aims to promote and maintain high standards of public health and wellbeing. Our Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) conduct a range of activities with businesses within the...
  • Funding and Grants

     Grants Victoria http://www.vic.gov.au/grants.html The Victorian Government Grants directory enables you to search for government grants and assistance within the state of Victoria. Grant Finder http://www.business.gov.au/grants-and-assistance/grant-finder/Pages/default.aspx A tool to help you locate grants and assistance programs...
  • Environment, Sustainability and Pollution

    Sustainability Victoria www.sustainability.vic.gov.au Facilitate and promote environmental sustainability in the use of resources. The website includes a dedicated business section with resources, practical tips and links to funding opportunities. Environment Protection Authority www.epa.vic.gov.au The Environment...
  • Employment, Wages and Workplace Information

    Fairwork Australia Information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations including employees pay, leave, entitlements, termination, awards & agreement and available assistance.
  • Development Planning Unit

    Development Approvals Before you start a new business, construct a new building, change the way land or buildings are used or add signage you may need to apply for a planning...
  • Banyule City Council

    Banyule City Councils main website with further information regarding key Council services listed above as well as the latest news and events.
  • Council Regulations and Requirements

    There are several Council areas that you may need to contact with when starting your business, to ensure that your business is compliant with local regulations.
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