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The  Greensborough Industrial Estate is located on the north east side of the City of Banyule, along Para Road, Sherbourne Road and Simms Road within the Beale and Hawdon Wards. The estate is home to approximately 100 businesses, providing a number of jobs for local residents.

The Greensborough Industrial Estate Business Monitor was comprised of two parts:

  • Business Audit: development of a database of the businesses in the Greensborough Industrial Estates.
  • Business Survey: situation analysis of the businesses in the estate to learn of their priorities, issues and constraints.

Work commenced and was completed in November 2016. At the end of the survey period 20 responses were received from the Greensborough Industrial Estate.

Key survey findings for the Greensborough Industrial Estate include:
  • The majority of businesses (55%) have been in operation for 10 or more years.
  • The majority of businesses (80%) employ less than 10 people.
  • The majority of employees (57%) are employed in a full-time capacity.
  • The Retail Trade classification represented the largest proportion of businesses (25%).
  • 45% of businesses source the majority of their suppliers within Victoria and 35% locally and from the northern suburbs of Melbourne.
  • The majority of businesses (70%) are not thinking of relocating.
  • No businesses are considering relocation in the next 12 months.
  • 95% of businesses plan to either increase or keep their workforce at the current employment level. No businesses plan to down size employment.
  • 85% of businesses are expecting their financial position to remain the same or improve

Document links:
Greensborough Business Monitor Results

All respondents to the business survey received by the 30 November 2016 went into a draw to win a prize. Congratulations to Billy Barden from Creden Constructions for winning the Ipad Mini valued at $345