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“The founding members of Kooinda Brewery were passionate home brewers. As a hobby and of course love for beer, they brewed beer from one of the founder’s home, in the backyard of Rosanna.

In 2007 the hobby soon turned into a professional, home based business and began as the first ever, residentially licensed brewery in Australia. Its award winning American Pale Ale was originally brewed at the home using cold water from the family in-ground swimming pool to cool the beer before it was fermented. Since then, demand rapidly grew, Australia wide and they knew the backyard could no longer meet the growing demand. So in 2010, they took the plunge and moved the brewery to a site in Heidelberg West. It only took three years and it expanded double in size and tripled its production capacity. Recently in 2015, new owners and brew team have updated the beer recipes, built a sustainable business and a family friendly venue. We changed their beer recipes to build stronger relationships with local growers. With a passion to support our community, we now invite local businesses in the food and entertainment industries to come along to the brewery and promote their business. They bring fun for the kids and sell take away food, while the parents indulge in our various beers. It is important to give back to the community and give the opportunity to reciprocate marketing. It is these values that makes us successful. It also means that we can bring in families to experience a fun and relaxing atmosphere, build strong, supportive communities, and yes of course we can keep making better beer! We want to be known as the shining light in Banyule”.


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