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Many years ago, when I had young children I owned a café in Hurstbridge for 5 years and then worked in a café in Heidelberg for 10 years. The flexibility and convenience was great but then the café closed.

I always had a passion for homemade cooking so I started selling homemade scones and pastries at food markets. One day, there was a house for sale and caravan was sitting in the front lawn. I wasn’t interested in the house but was interested in the caravan. I thought, now this would be great to sell my homemade food on the road. I could do high teas at people’s places. So I made the home owners an offer and bought the caravan. Before I knew it, my husband was given vintage table tops with pink laminate and we painted the caravan pink. The idea was to get the caravan on the road but then we opened a café in Heidelberg in 2012, where we are now. We put the caravan in the backyard and we named the café ‘Jam and Cream’.

I’m a nanna, I cook like nanna and my style is vintage. Everyone remembers their nanna – they would spoil you rotten, make you homemade jam, biscuits, scones and pastries. And of course, Nanna would always make you feel like you’re at home. This is what I’m about. I come in the café and caravan dressed in vintage dresses, brooches, gemstones and crystals and answer the phone ‘Jam and Cream, Nanna Sue speaking’! My café, caravan, backyard and furniture is vintage with old fashioned memorabilia and hanging clothes lines. But best of all, my food is homemade just like Nanna would have it. We want our guests to feel welcome and eat good, hearty food. Our nanna place, ‘Jam and Cream’ is now renowned for its vintage experience and good food for special occasions or just eat in.

Find us on Facebook at and Instagram @jamandcream_cafe

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