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“I lived in the neighbourhood my whole life and in 1999 I bought a 60 year old home in Heidelberg. I worked full time spending many hours on the job and coming home late at night. I knew there could be something around the corner that would make me happier at work.  Four years later I met my wife Beverley and married. We enjoyed staying at bed and breakfasts all over Victoria. One day we thought, let’s just open one up. Let’s just take the risk and do it. We knew accommodation in the area was limited and we were surrounded by many medical hospitals and intuitions. We thought we could add that extra personal touch and provide our guests with complimentary pick up and drop off to the Austin/Mercy Hospital precinct as a service to our guests. So we renovated the house by extending up to provide 3 rooms with ensuites and a fully equipped kitchen and offered short and long term stay. Beverley as a former gardener, built a beautiful cottage garden at the front and back. In these last 5 years we haven’t looked back as we have established a quality, four star accommodation venue. We have attracted tourists, patients and families of patients locally and all over the world. Not only for special occasions but for those requiring medical treatments. Sitting around our breakfast table we have shared many stories, good and bad. Families come to us in very stressful situations which is why we offer that little bit extra to make it easier for them. We also love the occasional wedding party that fills the house with joy and laughter as the bride gets ready for her big day. We build trust and a relationship with our guests and take care of them like a family member would. We care for our guests and this inspires us to wake up and share many other breakfast table moments with our guests or a cup of tea in the garden”.

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