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Wow what a day!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Women In Business Lunch 2024. The event was well received and our guests left feeling empowered and inspired by our wonderful keynote speaker – Dr. Louise Mahler.

Thank you again to our sponsors and those who donated prizes.
Community Bank East Ivanhoe @cb_eastivanhoeheidelberg
Waterdale Jewellery @waterdalejewellery
Miles Real Estate @milesest1924
Wonderpies @wonderpiesmelb
BNLLEN @bnllen
Positive HR @positivehr_
Quest Ivanhoe @questivanhoe
Buzzwear @buzzwearfeels
Living Energy Pilates @lepilatesrehab
Ivy and Twig @ivyandtwigflowers
Chocilo @chocilo_melbourne

And thank you to The Centre Ivanhoe and Peter Rowland Group for another fantastic event!