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The Business of Life

By July 10, 2016No Comments

Banyule Business Breakfast: Thursday 16 June 2016
by Gianna Lucas, Promenade with Me

You have the power to change stuff.

…The power to change what exactly?

Many key note speakers often say, ‘You have the power to change [you guessed it] “the world”‘. The word ‘stuff’ at face value may not sound particularly motivating, but it in actual fact it has a super awesome meaning.

I recently got up extra early so I could hear one of Australia’s most inspirational social influencers speak about the business of life. His name is Daniel Flynn and just in case you didn’t know he is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Thankyou Group – you know, the peeps that sell bottled water, muesli bars and hand wash so to fund life-changing projects in developing countries.

This guy is seriously awesome. In 2008 when he was just 19 years old decided to say goodbye to his Construction Management degree and instead say hello to fighting world poverty.

Here’s some fun facts for you. 1.2 billion people are currently living in extreme poverty which is an incredibly overwhelming figure. By 2030 the world aims to have this statistic eradicated, and considering 6 billion people are not in this dire situation, I think it’s definitely feasible.

So what difference can you make? Yes you. It’s totally understandable if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable by these stats, but don’t fret as we tend to forget the significance that even just one person can make. So I say it again, you have the power to change stuff.

Daniel’s recently published book, Chapter One: The Power to Change Stuff pretty much aims to encourage each and every one of us to think outside of the box and believe in the impossible through his own story. So now when you read ‘stuff’, replace the word with what you want to change. All you need to do is wholeheartedly believe in your dream and put your passion into action.

If you have a business idea or a concept that’s simply revolutionary, just go for it. Daniel established Thankyou in 2008 when he was just 19 years old, so age and experience are clearly no factor!

You don’t have to have everything figured out right away. Daniel admits when he first created Thankyou he didn’t have it all together. He just had a PowerPoint presentation, an idea and a whole lot of passion.

One other important factor when executing your life goal is the team that surrounds you. Your team makes your dream come true. In Daniel’ case, he has two other co-founders – his now wife Justine and his best friend Jarryd. As his enterprise grew, so did his staff. To this day Daniel still can’t believe the incredible ideas that his crew come up with on a daily basis. As he puts it, “In team work, every role is significant. My team gives 150 per cent because they know that they’re valued.”

So I guess the BIG question now is, what’s your why? Why do you want to change [insert your desire here]? The why is different for every person. In Daniel case, Thankyou is a way for him to look outward and make a positive difference. Why? Because as Daniel puts it, “the world needs changing.”

“When you combine experience with the willingness to change, remarkable things happen.”

In the book of life, there are many, many pages. There are countless more chapters to be written. In Daniel’s case, his book is simply a metaphor for your idea.

What stops us from changing stuff? Daniel believes as I do that “fear of failure crushes people’s dreams. But you learn from your failings. Don’t get caught up with what others are doing. Focus on your own journey”.

“We all have a story worth writing. We all have a chance to do something remarkable in this world. Remarkable looks different for each of us.”

So as you write your next chapter, may you give it your all. May you dream BIG and boldly… And reach for the stars!

Gianna Lucas
June 18, 2016