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‘Businesses of Banyule’ presents Vogue Bomboniere, Yallambie

Although a trained hairdresser,Vanessa started feeling isolated and trapped in what she had thought was her dream, opening a home salon. It was, however, 10 years of doing bridal hair that inspired her to create Vogue Bomboniere, which she believes fills a gap in the wedding market – premium and unique bomboniere, favours and gifts.

“Being part of a very big European family meant I went to a lot of weddings as a kid. I had also been doing bridal hair for almost 10 years and would always ask about their wedding plans and bomboniere. Their responses often disappointed me and got me thinking. The bomboniere were often an afterthought and I wanted to change this. How is it that the last memento of the night, the gift that would always remind your guests of your wedding day, sometimes didn’t even make it past the reception doors, often being left behind on the table? I really wanted to make a difference by providing a reminder of the event that truly reflected them and their wedding day.
Vogue Bomboniere was a dream of mine for quite some time. It took 2-3 years before it launched as I spent time researching and sourcing trusted Australian suppliers. I also have a soft spot for eco-friendly gifts, something very popular with my customers as more people try to reduce their negative impact on the environment and try to find natural and organic alternatives. This is why I take care in choosing products for my range, and I endeavour to support local and Australian made where ever I can.

My vision is to provide premium and unique bomboniere, favours and gifts that reflect the people and occasion being celebrated. I continue to encourage people to think outside of the square! No more teaspoons, corkscrews and trinket boxes please!”

Connect with Vogue Bomboniere at:
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i: @vogue_bomboniere
e: [email protected]