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‘Businesses of Banyule’ presents Nancy’s Creations, Watsonia North

Most people wouldn’t associate having three boys, triplets at that, with starting a small business but for Nancy, of Nancy’s Creations, it was her solution when life became too busy raising five children to return to work full time! Before 2007, when her triplets were born, Nancy enjoyed sewing at home and ran the charity ‘Inspirational Quilts’, with handmade quilts being donated to sick children in hospitals.

“When the boys were five years old, I realised it wasn’t going to be possible for me to return to full time work so I turned my hobby into a small business. I knew I could do this. I needed flexible hours, and I had the passion and the drive! So I added my flair and skills and started up! Soon after, I made personalised kindergarten library bags for my boys, which was also the start of fundraisers at kindergartens. Word of mouth spread and referrals soon came through for specialty quilts, stoles and library bags!

I quickly developed a reputation for attention to detail and getting things done quickly and professionally. The most common feedback I receive from clients is that ‘Nancy is so easy to deal with – it’s obvious she loves what she is doing.’ I wake up happy every day that I can spend time with my kids, do a job I love and continue working for my charity. I have never looked back.”

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