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Businesses of Banyule’ presents Bianca Fenn School of Music, Greensborough

As a bright and bubbly two-year-old, Bianca Hopkins was often up on stage singing at her local community church in Shepparton.

In primary school her passion for singing continued, and again during her secondary years, where she was a valued member of various musical theatre productions and choirs.

After several years of travelling around the world singing, Bianca found her voice, realising her greatest love was in fact teaching music.

“I have always been open to sharing everything I know with people,” explained Bianca. “I had taught singing for a few years already. I just knew it was my calling. So I decided to make it my life’s work.”

After completing her Bachelor of Applied Music at Box Hill Institute, Bianca officially opened the doors to Bianca Fenn School of Music (BFSM).

“It was an incredible experience. I still can’t believe how serendipitous it was,” said Bianca. “I met Dayna, my husband whilst studying. He was a drummer who shared the same dream as me, so we went into business together.”

“A woman in my area who also taught singing happened to be moving overseas. She was happy for me to have her students. Within a year of me taking over I had built up my client list to 44 students.”

Soon enough Bianca realised she needed to expand her home business to a larger facility, so she could cater for all her new incoming students.

In 2013, with the help of her husband, Dayna she made a warehouse on Simms Road, Greensborough her new business address.

“We just continued to grow. Within a few months we secured 40 more students. There was a lot of singing!”

“Dayna was on the drums teaching a whole heap too. Some days we worked 16 hours straight,” explained Bianca. “This went on for at least two years.”

Now in 2017, BFSM has 12 staff members on its team and just shy of 300 students. Bianca appreciates her success comes down to their team and school environment.

“We’re all about people. The teachers we have here are amazing. They’re warm and generous. Our students love them. We’re not looking for perfection. We’re looking for progress. Our students are from all walks of life – children to retirees.”

It’s clear to see this music school is adored by its ever-growing community.

“Apart from social media, the only other advertising we participate in is our annual stall at Greensborough Plaza. For one week during the school holidays we meet people in the community and network. It really helps to get our name out there,” suggested Bianca. “But besides this, we simply rely on word of mouth.”

BFSM has spread its wings and now offers a whole range of instrumental lessons and performing arts clubs.

“We have something for everyone! We offer singing, drums, bass, guitar, violin and piano lessons. But we also run an ukulele club called the BFSM jUkebox. We have Glee Club on Wednesdays and acting lessons on Thursdays,” proudly explained Bianca.