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Businesses of Banyule’ presents – Wish upon a Cupcake, Watsonia

Rocky Road. Purple Heaven. Bubblegum. These are just some of the delicious creations served at the iridescent Wish Upon A Cupcake.

Located in the heart of Watsonia, this lively cupcake shop will deepen your love for all things sweet and delightful.

As you enter the café, your senses will be seduced by the glorious scent of Italian Genovese Coffee and freshly baked cupcakes. The rustic table settings, exposed brick and wall of succulents will immediately grab your attention, as you intuitively tap your feet to a blues or jazz classic playing from the speakers above.

Since its official opening last January, Wish Upon A Cupcake has sold around 4,000 cupcakes to its devoted customers.

According to its proud owner, also avid baker Chantelle Hardwick, there are some definitive favourites.

“Our cupcake menu is always evolving. Besides our classics, the most popular choice would have to be my Lemon Curd creation. But my personal favourite is my Lime Coconut Cupcake.”

At age 25, Chantelle’s CV is quite robust. In 2011, she started her entrepreneurial journey at La Trobe Market, where she ran a cupcake stall. Inundated with custom orders, she decided to base her business at home.

“I devote over 40 hours a week to my business. This is broken up between cupcake making, decorating, phone calls and emails, and of course managing the shop and my staff.”

“I have a broad customer base. I bake cupcakes for the shop and private functions, but I also have clients in the corporate sector, including ANZ, Australia Post, NAB and the Herald Sun.”

Chantelle has experienced many memorable moments, but her shop takes the cake.

“I always wanted a place where people could come and enjoy a yummy cupcake along with a cup of coffee or tea. As I outgrew my kitchen at home, I also needed a space where I could bake and create. Opening the doors to my shop for the first time was a surreal moment for me. I also love having my shop so close to home. Watsonia is a beautiful suburb. I’m very lucky.”

Like many business owners, Chantelle agrees that maintaining a strong support network is vital.“My family is very important to me. My mum Cathy is an integral part of the business. Whenever I’m here at the café, she’s usually here too. She bakes and I decorate. We make a great partnership.”

Chantelle proudly attributes her love for baking to her mum.

“Throughout my childhood I would always find my mum in the kitchen. Being a typical Italian woman, she made everything from scratch. I always enjoyed observing her. She’s my inspiration.”

If you’re a bit of a sweet-tooth, or have a function coming up, visit Chantelle’s website, or contact her shop on 9435 7459. You can view all her magnificent creations on her Instagram page, @wishuponacupcake.