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At the Northern Business Achievement Awards (NBAA) Breakfast yesterday, we are pleased to nominate our local young entrepreneur Ahmed Muridi as the Banyule Young Business Achiever for 2023.

Ahmed is the owner of Crooks barber shop at Heidelberg and Fitzroy. He is a true entrepreneur and contributor to the next generation.

When Ahmed started the business he was 23, now he is 25 and running his business in two locations. They are a reputable business at Heidelberg and increase the diversity of Bell Street Mall. Ahmed also provides training and volunteering opportunities to young people to help them develop life skills.

Big congratulations to Little Heroes Australia and PartMaker for being nominated as the Banyule nominee for NBAA 2023.

Little Heroes Australia is an organisation that flows into three separate companies, consisting of Little Sports Heroes, Little Support Heroes and Little Kitchen Heroes.

They are a registered NDIS provider specialising in early intervention and support coordinators for all children. They started in 2016 with 4 staff members and now employ 70 people and continue to grow.

PartMaker Pty Ltd is one of the leading ISO 13485 and TGA certified medical device manufacturers in not only Melbourne, but also Australia. Specialising in the manufacture of customised dental implant solutions including instruments, components and prosthesis. They are leading the technology of providing dental solutions to patients suffering from facial cancers.

Thanks all for your hard work and congratulations on your outstanding contributions.