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Contact tracing is a critical part of all businesses COVIDSafe Plan.

Take the stress out of contract tracing in your business by registering to use the Victorian Governments free QR Code Service.

Registering your business only takes a few minutes and once complete you will receive a QR code that can be printed and displayed in your business for all visitors, customers, clients and patrons to check in safely.

Added benefits of using the QR Code Service include:

  • Contactless check-in – no pen and paper sharing
  • Privacy – public don’t have access to other customers details
  • Record security – no one can walk away with your contract tracing register or spill their coffee all over it!
  • Data storage – All check-in data is housed in secure databases managed by Service Victoria, the Victorian Government’s online hub for transacting with government and deleted after 28 days

To find out more and register visit: