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We sat down with Fiona McLauchlan Staff From photo helper to find out what Receiving a Banyule Business COVID-19 Grant meant for her business. Fiona was successful in her application for a Business Coaching and Development grant in Round 4.

1. What did receiving a Banyule Business Grant mean for you and your business?
Receiving a Banyule Business Grant gave me an opportunity to work on my business; to review, reflect, and adapt to unforeseen changes that had impacted my business due to COVID-19. With the help from a local business professional, I was able to identify processes in my business that could be streamlined, improving my business profitability. I was also able to develop stronger marketing awareness, presenting myself and my business as a more authentic representation of myself.

2. How did you use the funds and what impact did it have on your business?
I was awarded the $2,500 Business Coaching and Development Grant and used the funds to receive one-on-one Business Coaching from local business Helix Planning. The impact this had on my business was both immediate and long lasting. I was able to quickly pivot my marketing efforts and alter my pricing model creating a stronger business structure.

3. What advice would you give to someone considering applying for a Banyule Business grant?
My advice would be to submit your application! I am so thankful I applied and so grateful to Banyule Council for supporting small businesses like mine, and yours. Applying for the Banyule Business grant will give you an opportunity to have an objective look at your business with expertise and allow you to identify areas of potential change.

A list of successful applicants is available here.

Round 7 of the Banyule Business Grants will open on Tuesday 1 March 2022. 

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