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Hospitality businesses will be allowed to reopen for outdoor trading under Step 3 of the Victorian Government’s roadmap out of COVID-19 restrictions.

To support the practical transition and expansion to outdoor dining for the many cafes and restaurants in Banyule over the coming months, Banyule Council has introduced a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit that hospitality business owners can now apply for.

We have also developed Temporary Outdoor Dining Guidelines and Parklet Guidelines_Outdoor Dining  to help you take advantage of outdoor dining opportunities as simply and quickly as possible.

The Guidelines will help you assess your best option by outlining:

  • The types of spaces you may be able to access
  • How to apply
  • Next steps

Council will fast track permit applications for outdoor trading, as well as waive all Council permit fees until 30 June 2021 to support your business.

Banyule Council’s Footpath Trading Policy 2015  will be used as the primary policy reference to consider safety, amenity, access, and furniture design principles. Proposals that fall outside of the scope of the Policy will be considered against the Temporary Expansion to Outdoor Dining Guidelines and flexibility will be given on a case-by-case basis to support dining options in a manner which does not compromise safety and amenity.

Apply for a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit