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New food safety standards will come into effect Friday 8 December 2023 with updated training requirements that impact most Victorian food businesses.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has updated the Safe Food Australia Guide with a new set of guidelines known as the Standard 3.2.2A Food Safety Management Tool. If you own or manage a business that prepares and serves food, then this change will likely affect you.

The new standard means that businesses must implement 2 or 3 food safety management tools based on their food handling activities.

The 3 tools are:

  • food safety supervisor
  • food handler training
  • substantiation of critical food safety controls

Food businesses will now fall under two categories. Category 1 businesses will be deemed higher risk and must implement all 3 management tools. Category 2 businesses must have a food safety supervisor and food handler training.

For more on the new standard and to see which category your business falls into, visit the Business Victoria website.